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An Online Course

Are you scared of hiring or failed trying to build a team?

Your superstar skills and multi-tasking will only get you so far. You know  you can do more…if only there were more of you. Cloning you? It's not going to happen. Welcome to entrepreneurial overwhelm. You need help to grow.

This course is for smart entrepreneurs to learn how to build the ultimate team that pays for itself and frees your time. Whether you’re hiring your very first freelancer, a full-time employee or you already have a team that needs improvement, this course will help you conquer your fears, find the right people for the right role, and skip over the messy learning-on-the-job headaches.

Inside I share 20-years of proven team growth strategies, B.S.-free truth-bombs, and the exact Team Blueprint I developed to power my companies to 7-figures harnessed by a simple team that generated passive profits in the process.

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