How do you crush that what-do-I-do-next fear feeling?

Do you plan everything?

You like to know exactly which steps to take to achieve your big goals in perfect order…am I right?

I plan everything. Revenue. Sales cycles. Marketing. Contracts. Production. Exercise. Meals. Trips. Summer camps. Should I keep going?

And I find this instinct, to plan everything, hysterical because I’m an entrepreneur. YOU CAN’T PLAN everything as an entrepreneur.

There is no guidebook for us. Planning is a practiced symptom of entrepreneurial-life chaos. Planning helps create systems that tame the chaos over time. It’s a learned skill and well practiced self-medication I’ve developed over the years. And it’s yin-yang—I enjoy the chaos in equal parts to the order planning.

Every now and then I’ll be knee deep in a new work project with a great strategy in place to a picture-perfect end goal and BOOM…I’m lost.

I don’t know what to do next. It’s not going according to my plans. And that feeling SUCKS for us planners. (This is a disturbance in the Force, people.)


And even after two full decades living this you-never-know-what's-going-to-happen entrepreneur-life, I still face this feeling deep down in my gut…WTF do I do next?

Here’s exactly what you do step-by-step for my fellow planners out there when fear knocks on your door:

1) Get super-comfortable being uncomfortable.

If you’re trying to make a change in your business or life, you’re doing something different. Guess what? You don’t know what to do next because you’ve never done it before. It’s OK to feel this way. Train yourself to welcome this kind of discomfort. It’s a sign you’re growing.

2) Do more work.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Even if you’re lost deep in the entrepreneurial pit of despair. KEEP WORKING. You will figure it out if, and only if, you keep working. If you've already got a team in your business, lean on them so you can work through the problem. If you don't have a team, learn how to build one.

3) Know this: There is no perfectly planned path to your success.

Remind yourself every DAMN morning. Say it to yourself in the mirror if that helps it imprint.

4) And to completely fry your noodle, take measured breaks from work.

Sometimes you just need to walk away. Sleep. Exercise. Live. Come back fresh then rinse and repeat 1-4 until you return to your regular Honey Badger mental state.

Pretty soon you’ll learn to welcome this feeling and recognize it as a challenge. And I know you love a good challenge.