How to go get 2019 goals

Hey, 2019! It’s time to shine, go-getters.

This is the most important moment of the year for you. If you want to succeed, you have to know where you are now and where you want to be. Then draw a direct line from those two points. It’s also important to realize that while you may be super motivated right now—that feeling waxes and wanes. You must plan accordingly to go get your goals.

Here’s my goal-getting system that helps me achieve my goals year after year.

First, I have 4 important ‘buckets’ in my life:

•    Family & Friends

•    Health

•    Professional

•    Wealth

These buckets are my top priorities. If an opportunity or project arises and it doesn’t benefit the buckets, I say no. I won’t waste my finite energy on things that don’t benefit my current most important priorities.

Next, I create a short list of personal and professional goals. Each year I look at where am I right now. What did I achieve last year? And what do I want to achieve next?

Finally, I set it up on a bi-monthly reminder. Twice a month I see the goals in my reminder list. It helps keep them fresh and visible throughout the year so I don’t lose sight of what’s important as I’m moving through my year.

I’ve learned over time to keep this list super simple with a balance of both easily achievable goals and a few bold AF goals.

Each bucket can have no more than 2 goals. That’s it. (OK, I lied—Wealth has 3 this year.)

So without further ado, here are my 2019 #gogettergoals:

Family & Friends:

•    1 weekly family meal together no matter what (Sunday)

•    Colorado ski trip with family & friends

•    Kids visit both Grandparents


With a teenage son, a 4th grader, and two busy working parents that travel for work, eating meals together as a family everyday simply doesn’t work. Holding us all accountable to one meal together a week is an easy goal. Our travel goals are light this year. We love to travel but our son is getting a job to save for college while we’re maxing out our final college savings as well. So I’m adding one big, fun ski trip with close friends and family to the list and ensuring the kids have at least one visit each with their grandparents on both sides. We may add more travel but only after the Wealth goals are achieved for the year.


•    Average 3 workouts per week

•    Reach weight goal plan by July


I know my health—physical and mental—comes first before everything in my life. I aim for 4-5 workouts a week but after vacations and sick days, I’m making 3/week average for the year. I’m also recovering from a few pounds I packed on last fall while I discovered being a teenage parent is hard AF. I stress-ate from August to November 2018. Then my pants got tight. It happens. Moving along.


•    Teach 1000 students in 2019

•    Create 1 weekly content piece (blog-vlog-podcast)


BIG goals here. I am focused and ready to go-get this one. 1000 students in 2019—I’m coming for you. Out of all my goals this year, this is the one I have to work the hardest to achieve. My weekly content goal is reinforcement to create a system that keeps me prolific and helps me achieve 1000 students at same time. I love win-wins.


•    Annual budget for 2019 saved in full by end of July

•    Credit cards paid off weekly

•    Final college savings completed by December


Our family finances are unique in that we have both a steady corporate paycheck (that never changes) and the entrepreneurial paycheck (subject to change). I created many systems over the years to manage it but what I did last year worked extremely well. I know the total household budget for the year for everything from food, housing, clothes, doctors, taxes to savings. Once we have the total projected annual budget in savings, then we can add funds to fun discretionary spending or more savings—usually both. This works because it motivates me to make more money early in the year and it helps ease the heavy anxiety I carry as the main breadwinner and family money manager.

Also, I started paying all corporate and personal credit cards off weekly last year. What a game changer. I’ve cut our family and corporate spending significantly through this simple but effective change. And finally, we have a sophomore 2 years away from college. We have one final contribution to make into college savings this year. Which is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

That’s it for me! I’m ready to tackle all these good goals in 2019.

What’s on your #gogettergoal list? I’d love to hear what systems you use to accomplish great things.