The #1 business lesson cancer taught me.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, one thing is guaranteed: SURPRISES!

I am NOT talking about a surprise party here. I’m talking about surprises that make you feel like the world is ending, you might go bankrupt, or you just want to go home and cry for a month.

How do I know? I’ve encountered quit a few in my career as a small business owner.

Let me count some of the ways…

• unfounded lawsuits (unrelated to my services before you go there)

• tax audits (yep, plural)

• labor audits

• essential team members quitting

• subpoenas (don’t even ask)

• toxic clients

• pregnancies (surprise!)

• injuries and surgeries that impede work

• major family emergencies

• failed partnerships

• theft

• vendors closing for business (in the middle of projects)

All of these and more have fallen on my small creative business over the last 2 decades like snow in summer.

Here’s the problem with business surprises: You never know when they will arrive, how much they’ll cost, and how much time they will destroy.

And guess what? They don’t care one bit about you or your business. You still have to keep your business running, clients happy, and revenue flowing to support your life & family—they don’t give a flying fig tree.

They are selfish not-so-little jerks that need to be exiled from your life quickly with the least amount of negative impact as possible.

I thought I’d been through it all and was feeling like a real sage pro when it came to surprises in business. I thought I was wise.

Then I got the biggest surprise of my life: CANCER.

So we’re clear before I continue, I no longer have cancer. My outcome was as good as breast cancer gets because of early detection. I also no longer have the breasts I was born with but I like my new ones just fine.

But this isn’t about me—this is about your business.

What would happen to your business if cancer paid you a surprise visit, you required 2 major surgeries in the middle of your “busy” season, and you needed to take 6-9 months off of work….um, starting tomorrow?

I’m guessing that question makes you nervous. I know I’m nervous thinking about it again.

When cancer paid my business a surprise visit I quickly learned the single #1 most important thing I ever did as a small business owner was build my TEAM TRIBE of associates, assistants, and employees.

My team literally saved my business from ruin—in fact my business and revenue didn’t skip a beat while I was on medical leave for 9 months. 100% because I built a team and made myself replaceable in my business years before cancer knocked on my door.

Had I stayed a solopreneur, cancer would have sunk my entrepreneurial ship without blinking an eye.

If you’re sitting there reading this thinking, my creative business is super small and I don’t need to worry about any of these things…YOU ARE CORRECT.

You don’t need to worry…you need to PLAN. I can help with that part if you’re interested in learning more.

Godspeed and may your business be surprise-free.