But first...

Hey, I’m Amanda Sudimack. Welcome!

Before I do the career show-and-tell let's be very clear—I am here to help you. And I fully appreciate you want to understand who I am, what I've accomplished, and most importantly why I am absolutely the right person to help you build your dream photo business.

My story

A girl, a camera, and a dream to never go to an office in a suit is how it all started for me.

I founded Artisan Events in 1998. Yup, 100% processed all my own film for years. Artisan isn’t my official first-born company but definitely this go-getter’s favorite. I eventually transformed my one-woman creative wedding biz housed in a dingy Denver basement into a Chicago-based creative studio with 100s of team members serving our celebrity client list worldwide. Sounds easy, right? (Wrong.)

In the beginning, I did everything myself, offered one service to my clients, and used hope marketing to find my clients (hint: hope doesn't work). I barely generated livable profits—the exhaustion was unsustainable, particularly when I had little ones on the way. Fast forward through lots of blood, sweat, and tears (oh, sooo many tears)...and a lot of stress and TONS of hard work.

Today you'll find a profitable and purpose-filled creative business that operates with or without me, has made millions in recent years (Yes! You can make money with an art degree.), and serves 1000s of our happy clients worldwide.

But, here’s the fun part.

I transformed my tiny one-woman photo studio into a studio offering multiple services and products, a client list with several individuals who spend 6-figures alone (yes, as in single clients spending over 100K each), and proudly earns a 5-figure Client Lifetime Value per principal client. All while I enjoy the freedom of time to raise my kids, live a full life, and work from home.

And don’t forget, I’m both right and left-brained. I have a spreadsheet for everything because I trust numbers and I'm an artist because I love creating.

I've been awarded many career accolades for both my business expertise and the quality of my photography. I was named one of the top 20 wedding photographers in the U.S. by PDN, won numerous awards, and my work has been collected and displayed in countless books, galleries, and media outlets worldwide.

Now, some would stop there…but I know better. It did NOT start this way for me and it was NOT easy to get here.

I learned so much more from my business battle-scars and epic mistakes than any of my success stories. My career has survived multiple tax audits, staff resignations, failed projects, frivolous lawsuits, out-of-control clients, labor audits, bankrupt vendors, and breast cancer for starters.

My photo business endured and prospered because the systems I designed ensured consistent flow of dream clients, profitability with diverse revenue and most importantly my studio automatically works with or without me.

My journey is rich and diverse—it gives me a unique understanding of how to empower and teach other #photogogetters (that’s you) to do the same.

Along the way, I also proudly earned a professional reputation for my integrity, unwavering attention to detail, and my ability to transform complicated topics into simple and actionable step-by-step systems to follow. The kind you’ll find right here in my Course Programs.

I'm passionate about teaching other photographers how to build better, smart photo businesses that build profits and purpose. Because I know your photo business will create leverage in your life so you enjoy the same impact my journey has afforded me.

Hope to see you inside learning soon!

The fun + nitty-gritty

  • I attribute much of my color-outside-the-lines go-getter creativity to my early Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) art school days

  • I've signed a lot of Non Disclosure Agreements for clients you know by name (so I can't say them by name)

  • I'm allergic to inefficiency, excuses, and B.S.

  • I helped build a school house in Ecuador through a Peace Corps internship

  • I know a happy client is how you win

  • I’ve sold millions and millions of dollars in business and I still get a serious thrill when someone trusts me to solve their problem

  • I love rebel girls everywhere (especially the one I'm raising)

  • Give me (almost) all the Star Wars movies, Godfather I and II, and Martin Scorsese (almost) anything

  • I'm polite and always swearing like a sailor in my head (and sometimes here, too)

  • I've been hired by famous movie stars, artists, rock stars, national politicians, multiple members of Forbes 'The Worlds Billionaires List', and Oprah

  • I’ve survived a lot including early stage breast cancer

  • My daughter was almost born in the car

  • I’m a fine art film photographer

  • Edna Mode from the movie The Incredibles is my spirit animal—NO CAPES.

  • I co-piloted a plane in the Amazon jungle (also, I was 16 and for sure not a pilot)

  • I believe in the power of great storytelling

  • Bucket list (short-version): Belize (check, done), Thailand, Western National Parks, more of Africa, hiking the Appalachian Trail, and Peru

  • I grow a mean vegetable garden

  • I know life is way too short to worry about perfection and haters

  • I’ve camped in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, slept on top of an Ecuadorian chicken coop (long story), swam with baby sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, photographed lions in Kenya, hiked beaches and bluffs in Ireland, and floated down the Nile River in Egypt

  • Mom is my favorite role and I'm convinced parenthood is stand-up comedy

  • I've documented over 500 weddings personally (that's a lot of weddings if you're wondering) and my studio over 1500 weddings

  • Guilty pleasures: cheese and bread preferably together, good margaritas (it's a wide gamut, people), and a solid Netflix binge.

  • I have spreadsheets tracking exercise, gifts, sales, college savings, and annual finances going back decades (super-nerd)

  • Photography will always be my first art-love

  • I believe in quality over quantity (except for cookies)

  • I lived in Italy for 6 months and would live there again in a heartbeat

  • I'm proud of my 20+ year marriage to a pretty amazing guy

  • I love the Outer Banks, New Orleans, mountains anywhere, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

  • I spent an entire year in the photo darkroom printing black & white fiber-based prints for world-renowned artist, Barbara Crane

  • Campfires and road-trips are favorites—especially when the two coincide with my family

  • I have a significant Twizzler® problem

  • A perfect day in Paris is unplanned wandering anywhere followed by lunch, followed by a nap...followed by dinner

  • Baseball mom

  • I briefly had two dreadlocks during my super-hippie stage

  • I'm the worlds worst runner but I do it so I can listen to Guns 'n Roses