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Hey, you. I’m Amanda.

I help photographers confidently build a smart business that makes money doing what you love, skips over the stress & overwhelm, and gives you time to do what matters most.


Ready to build your DREAM photo business?

Answer 6 EASY QUESTIONS and I’ll send you the tools I used to turn my tiny one-woman photo biz into a multi-million dollar Associate TEAM TRIBE.


Who is this for?

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Wedding + Event Industry


TEAM TRIBE | an online course

Scared of hiring or failed trying to build an associate team?

You know  you can make more money…if only there were more of you. Cloning you so you can book multiple contracts on one date? It's not going to happen. You need help.

Enter Associate Team Tribe. The course for smart photographers + creatives to learn how to build the ultimate ASSOCIATE TEAM that pays for itself and frees your time. Whether you’re hiring your very first freelancer or you already have a team that needs improvement, this course will help you conquer your fears, find the right team tribe, and skip over the messy learning-on-the-job headaches. And help you draw a straight line from turning work away to booking 5+ contracts on the same date. (Boom.)

Inside I share 20-years of proven associate team strategies, B.S.-free truth-bombs, and the exact Associate TEAM TRIBE Blueprint I developed to power my studio to 7-figures in recent years harnessed by a simple associate team that generated passive profits in the process. Click below to be notified as soon as TEAM TRIBE enrollment opens again...


Welcome, fellow #Photogogetters!

I’m Amanda, the #photogogetter behind that lens there.

Here at I share everything I’ve learned building a profit-and-purpose driven photography business for over 20 years.

So, yes—you’re in the right place if you want to learn how to build a smart photo business. And you know what I teach is actually used and proven by photographers for photographers.

It’s not an accident my studio has thrived for over 20 years. It’s strategy. I designed my business and built it to last.

The same exact #photogogetter strategies I used to create my tiny photo empire that’s made millions, served 1000s of happy clients, and created enormous impact in my life doing what I love…that’s what I teach.

Our Programs include Online Courses and Guide Collections full of #Photogogetter secret sauces, inspired insight, and nitty-gritty know-how to help you make a great living doing what you love.

All simple step-by-step and low stress action-by-action—just how you like it.


"Amanda is a total inspiration with loads of talent. Working with her I gained invaluable insight on strategy, goal setting and process. I’m beyond grateful for the experience."

— Tina B., West Palm Beach, U.S.A.


course CollectionS

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Your all-in-one Irresistable Sales Bootcamp for Photographers. This signature class teaches you how to transform from barely-booking to being consistently SOLD OUT with high-paying dream clients you love working with every day. Learn the art of persuasive sales from attraction to convincing + converting, pitch perfect sales system and up-sell frameworks, how to price to win BIG, email script blueprints that have your clients begging to book (in person or phone), and much more. Even if you’re unknown, just starting out and don’t have fancy gear! Learn the what, where and how to go get your dream photo clients booking you SOLD OUT.


This business-in-a-box program walks you through the must-have foundations of going photo biz pro and gives you every essential tool, legal form, checklist, client guide and strategic frameworks to be successful in your photo studio. Everything you need to quickly jumpstart your photo business with ease is inside to simply copy, paste and go get dream high-paying clients with confidence. You’ll save time, skip over the photo-studio-admin overwhelm, where-do-I-start paralysis and confidently go from side-hustle to super organized photo business boss in less than 4 weeks.


Your complete Associate Teams for Photo Business class. This action-by-action program walks you through the how, where and why to find, build and maintain a profitable Associate Team Tribe strategy to ensure you get more clients, create (passive) income, stop turning away work because you're booked and give you more time working on your business and less time in your business.


"Do not hesitate to work with Amanda. She has a knack for reading people. Amanda is sensitive in her advice but also provides straightforward feedback. And, to top it all off, Amanda is a warm, gracious, and fun person."

— Stephanie S., London, U.K.


more about me…

I’m Amanda. I’m an entrepreneur to my bones, named a Top Wedding Photographer by PDN, educator, creative go-getter at heart, system architect, bread winner mom, and I have a spreadsheet for everything.

Some say I’m right and left-brained...I’m simply equal parts creative and super-organized.

And I’ve been right where you are right now—learning, um, juggling, how to be a great photographer, make your business work, keep it simple, and full of purpose. It’s a lot to do all at once! I’m here to help you go get your photo business goals one at a time.

I know if you build the right photo business with the right strategies, you will WIN big.

I've distilled two decades of photo-biz know-how into results-focused learning that transforms complicated topics into simple, actionable step-by-step systems. Just for you.

What else? My favorite things include any time spent with my family, flexing my art-making muscles, making people laugh, and beach cabanas anywhere warm.

Sharing my #photogogetter know-how with you is a perfect day at work.

*Plus—I’m super-fun.


"Working with Amanda is absolutely incredible. Amanda works so hard to exceed every expectation. She is so Patient, easy to work with and simply the best."

— Lauren W., Chicago, U.S.A.

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